Whose your Uncle Tony?

My scrappin’ is lackin’ these past few days! Uncle Tony is in town.
Do you have one of those in your life? You know, the long-time single male friend of the family, still ‘playing the field’, chasing those younger women. The husband lives vicariously through him and, the kids adore him…(he’ll actually get on the play structure to play with them)!!
It is always a treat to have him come visit, but I am afraid we are no longer the vibrant, thrill-a-minute young couple he first came to know. Mind you, it is terribly amusing to guess how many days (hours) he’ll last in our chaotic 2-cat, 1-dog, 3 and 5 year old household! (I wager he’s out of here, screaming, at the crack-of -dawn Sunday) I think his visits may be more birth-control than anything.
Here is one of my very first layouts ever (I created it as gift for him):
(Uggh, the early days of my scrapping!)
So if you have one, give your Uncle Tony a call and say hi (they love the attention). And if you happen to know any eligible ladies who’d care to hook up with a fun-loving, well traveled, single pilot guy…. We just happen to know one…. 🙂